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Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital - MD

Earth Mama (Joyce Rouse)


Earth Mama (Joyce Rouse) brought joy to the kids' world at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital! She involves her audiences to help heal the planet, one song at a time.

"Earth Mama gave us a CD and the kids LOVE it!! They’ve been singing 'Fireball' all week."

Lindie A. McDonough
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
Baltimore, MD
Silly Goose & Val

   An appreciative audience member                                          Rockin' with Val     

Being silly with Val                                                                                Val being Val

Today our kids enjoyed a concert performed by Silly Goose & Val!  There was music, laughter and a LOT of dancing. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the kids at MWPH!  Our staff, patient’s, and their families LOVED Val! She was very entertaining, engaging with everyone, and one of the best performers we’ve had yet

Lindie A. McDonough
School Liaison
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
Baltimore, MD 21209-4596