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TAFFY (Theatre Arts Festival For Youth) is a non-profit (501c3) organization created by professional artists to enrich and entertain underserved children and families.  TAFFY’s past efforts have primarily been associated with the creation of major events of such a size that some needed to be presented in outdoor venues under the auspices of The National Park Service.  From those evolved our unique emblem of the field mouse carrying a flag with two stars; those two stars representing TAFFY’s creators and frequent performers, Pam and John Wood.

, as a division of TAFFY, is to provide the same quality enriching entertainment as TAFFY but tailored to the needs of smaller venues to reach those children who would otherwise be unable to experience TAFFY.  TAFFY PRESENTS accomplishes this by presenting quality interactive fine arts performances and educational workshops in theater, music, dance, and puppetry for schools, hospitals, libraries, and more.  Our presentations  range from  facility auditoriums to hospital emergency waiting rooms and to the bedsides of those otherwise unable to attend.

Our TAFFY has no calories and will not stick to your teeth or the roof of your mouth; however it is sweet and we would like to think that it will stick pleasantly in memories of those who experience our presentations.

Laurie3 TAFFY PRESENTS' efforts are expanding to provide TAFFY'S uplifting and life enhancing experiences to hospitalized children and underserved populations in schools, libraries, shelters; wherever they are needed. Quality performers provide interactive shows or workshops whether the children are in a group or need individual attention, or just need a hug.  TAFFY PRESENTS will be there for them and their families.

Bear and crowTAFFY PRESENTS is donor supported.
Please consider a donation
of any amount.

Checks may be mailed to:

Theatre Arts Festival for Youth
c/o Pamela Wood
P.O. Box 2665

Canoga Park, CA 91306

Story telling
TAFFY PRESENTS' programs span the full range of the performing arts but are also tailored to match the needs of each facility. Many libraries and special schools receive fun but curriculum supportive programs focusing on literacy, character development and the sciences.

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Alternative House - VA
Arlington Pediatric Center - VA
Cedar Lane Center School, VA
Children's National Medical Center - DC
Children's Hospital of Orange County - CA
Georgetown University Pediatrics - DC
Kennedy Krieger Institute - MD
Key Center School  - VA
Kilmer Center School - VA
Lab School of Washington - DC
Learning Path Academy - FL
Lombardi Pediatric Cancer Clinic - DC
Maryland School for the Blind - MD
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital - MD
Palm Beach Children's Hospital - FL
Samuelson Children's Hospital at Sinai - MD
Sarah's House - MD
Shelter House - VA

Sophie T. Salvin Special Education Center - CA
The Debbie School - FL

 Executive Director:
 Pamela Wood
 (818) 998-8424
 Director of West Coast Productions:
 John Wood
 (818) 489-3630
Director of East Coast Productions
Irene Light
(703) 281-1536